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Who We Work With

We understand how Creative Agencies work and how to interact in order to get the best results for their clients. We don’t just take instructions blindly but will contribute at a very practical level on design, engineering and practicality so the Agency is guaranteed a quality job that will work for client.

Our decades of experience mean that we will effectively consult to agencies on every project.

We have really extensive experience and expertise with FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) manufacturers to ensure that every job is firstly allowed, is do-able, is practical, will work and will complement the brand and the retail or wholesale space.

We have excellent long-standing relationships with store groups and have provided design and production services for many years.

Franchises (fast food, tele comms, clothing etc) all need consistency in strategy, design, branding, installations and maintenance. We provide that total turnkey service, understanding the needs of these retail outlets and how they appeal to their client base. Decades of experience ensure that we speak your language.

Pharmaceutical companies and retail chemists all have very specific communications requirements that we understand and work with. We engage strategically to ensure the designs are practical and will deliver the right messaging and of course, ROI.

Alcohol marketing requires very specific, trendy, out-there yet practical strategy and design. We understand this space and will produce the most amazing elements for any installation.

With decades of experience and expertise in the Retail and Wholesale space, Image Pivot is perfectly positioned to design, produce, install and maintain any conceivable branding and POS. This includes posters, billboards, till-signage, floor graphics, category banners, shelf strips, glorifiers, palette wraps, hotspots, aisle branding and of course all types of FSUs (perm and semi-perm).

Our Work Process

Concept & Strategy

With decades of experience in most industries, we will engage at your level and deliver concepts and strategy for production and activations to integrate these, ensuring that your marketing spend has an ROI.


Visuals & Renders

We provide high quality visuals and renders of all design work - from printed matter, to Free-Standing Units, to bespoke design and production (e.g. giant products, trolleys etc)



We pride ourselves in producing prototypes faster than any other branding manufacturer and in most cases we will do this branded (i.e. not just a "white sample".


Trade Visits & Measurements

Even though we have decades of experience and will guide on appropriate sizes for all installations, we still go into trade to confirm dimensions for all work. We also stay abreast of industry changes that most creative agencies will not do and thus prevent post-production disasters.



We produce to the highest quality, using the most best materials for the job, in the fastest time possible. Our team understands every step of the process so when production starts, it will always be right.


Distribution & Warehousing

We ship to anywhere in Africa and warehouse production items in major centres for our installation teams to call-off. We have very long standing relationships with the best courier companies so our clients can track everything.


Installation & First Fill

We have installation teams all over South Africa and in Neighbouring states who also do the measurements up front so the installations always go ahead as required. Where required, we will also do the first fill of the in-store FSUs.


Maintenance & Takedown

Our teams do regular maintenance on our installations, taking photographs to provide visual reference where required. After the project they will take down and either scrap or store all items.


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